Jeremy Lobdell


Jeremy Lobdell


Jeremy Lobdell is a full-time art director with a deep love for design.

He found his passion when he majored in Graphic Design at the Art Institute International, Minnesota.

Since graduating, Jeremy has gained 5+ years of experience with a wide variety of agency types, ranging from traditional advertisement to social, digital to PR. He has gained experience in print, OOH, digital, video production, package design, branding and experiential design.

He strives for ideas and designs that attract attention, add value to a message or story and create unity for the brand. His work tends to showcase simplicity, taking a minimalistic approach whenever possible.

One of Jeremy's biggest inspirations is doing great work with great people who share the same work ethic, motivation, passion and humility. 

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If you like Jeremy's work, and are interested in working with him on any freelance projects, he is available for hire.